Pure fresh juice
Fresh Juice is a professional equipment ideal to deliver chilled beverages produced starting from concentrated juice. Performance and freshness are guaranteed by the powerful continuous cooling system.

Fresh Juice is a professional equipment allowing to deliver chilled beverages, produced by mixing a concentrated base (syrup) with drinkable water;it has been designed with medium to large accommodation facilities in mind.

The machine, assuring high performance levels, is available in the following configurations: two flavours + water, three flavours or three flavours + water. The dilution ratio can not exceed 1:9 (one part of juice and 9 parts of drinkable water).
Post-mix delivery system with automatic rinsing of the mixing chambers:
based on pre-set doses: glass-full or jug-full
continuous service with push control

The new brushed grey body and the neon illumination of the front graphics give Fresh Juice a more modern and technological look, turning it into a true piece of design furniture.
The three-flavour Fresh Juice model works with bags in 3-litre bag in boxes or containers, while the models delivering two and three flavours + water work with bags in 5-litre boxes or containers (not included in the supply).
The cooling system with pressure-sealed insulated tank assures that the juice temperature doesn’t change even in case of continuous deliveries, while the water level in the tank is automatically restored after every delivery.
To enhance safety, the Fresh Juice door is equipped with a key lock.


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