AX Compact. Small outside, big inside. The AX Compact dishwashers Line has been designed for the needs of the medium and small restaurant business. Those machines combine compact dimensions, with high performances.
Fully customizable and reversible. The new AX 161 compact will surely catch your attention. Its working direction and most of the optional can be quickly and easily arranged and assembled on either sides. This gives the possibility to offer a wide choice of lay outs. AX 161 is the practical solution for a quick delivery....with all benefits of the compact.

Low voltage electronic control panel , with easy clean touch sensitive keyboard IP65. User Friendly, it allows to monitor the working temperatures and its status thanks to the sliding, multilingual text and to the self-diagnostic system, that displays eventual alarm signals according to the HACCP regulation. S/S washing and rinsing arms, detachable without using any tools for an everyday easier cleaning
Surface filters on all tanks, in stainless steel, easily extractable without detaching washing arms, to keep the washing water clean and free from food scraps.
Double laterally drawn advancement system:automatic advancement of the racks by means of a double laterally drawn system prevents derailing.
AISI 316 stainless steel boiler, fully insulated to reduce thermal losses
Double skin insulated door, counter-balanced, equipped with anti-fall safety device
Tanks in AISI 316 high corrosion S/S. The overflow pipe allows the full draining of the wash tanks without removal.
Two speed traction system with built-in clutch. Variable-speed inverter available on request, to select pitch on individual needs
Autotimer that switches the pumps, belt motor and all installed optional on Stand-by, after a preset time gap, this limits the running costs.
RINSE economizer and pressure reducer, to allow operation only in presence of the rack on that specific area avoiding any waste of water and energy, the water pressure is stabilized and guarantee an optimal rinse.
Self cleaning wash pumps , vertical, thermically protected with high performance and suitable for continuous operation.
NON-RETURN VALVE, to prevent the backflow of water, avoiding any contamination of the water net in case of external depression
Drying (6Kw) straight or on 90° mechanized chain, by using a strong jet of preheated air it guarantees perfectly dried dishes (Optional)
SANITIZATION SYSTEM, it includes the dispenser of sanitizing products, for a proper cleaning and maintenance of the machine, to be done at the end of the daily service (Optional)
Monitoring HACCP. Upon request a dedicated HACCP software is available, to manage and store the alarms (Optional)
HEAT RECOVERY in event of cold water inlet (although the first daily tank load must be made by using hot water), this device gives the possibility to recover and re-use the heat/energy produced by the operating machine to pre-heat the cold water inlet (Optional)

Width mm1080
Depth mm720
Height mm1535/1900
Power kw23
Rack 500x500 mm
Useful height 450 mm
Racks/hour 100

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