The DIHR hood-type dishwashers offer a wide range of models, from the ones that can be equipped with the most advanced options, to the most innovative types, designed with avant-garde electronics and with all options included. Our products have evolved together with our experience and our customers’ hints and insights. Therefore we are able to produce tailor-made models that fulfil our final customers’ criteria of functionality, reliability and versatility. Our aim is to reduce consumptions in terms of energy, water and chemical products, therefore granting the final user global savings, but also less pollution and waste of natural resources.

• HT11: two wash cycles
• HT11 T: easy to use LED touch panel, 4 wash cycles, double skin insulated hood, built-in water softener available
• HT11 E: easy to use electronic touch panel, five wash cycles, double skin insulated hood, languages selection of the control menu
• Hood operating start/stop functions
• Deep-formed tank
• Independent wash/rinse arms
• Double tank filter + pump filter
• Built-in water softener available
• Built-in rinse-aid pump
• Tank and boiler thermometres
• Easily removable basket support
• Linear or angular layouts

Width mm720
Depth mm735
Height mm1445 / 1880
Dishes 410H 1050/ hr
Pans GN 1/1 530x325
Glasses 1750/ hr
Racks / hour n. 70/30
Washing cycles 50/120 sec
Power kw 10,1
Tank capacity 30 lt
Boiler capacity 10 lt
Total water consumption 2.8 lt
Basket Size 500x500 mm

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