DIHR CX 500 - 750 - 1000 - 1250

The CX models answer any washing need as for crates, containers, pots, pans, utensils, etc. They represent the ideal solution for bakeries, pastries and for the general food industry, which require a seamless flow of clean containers. Thanks to all available versions and to the possibility to get personalized configurations, any kind of dirt can be removed. Several options are available, to provide the best fit into the wash area and minimize the need of efforts and labor. Each model can be built for left or right loading.
The CX belt-conveyors machines are conceived for washing large amounts of crates, containers and tools. The range extends 8 standard versions, to meet the washing needs of large users (food industries, hospitals, canteens, in-flight catering) who need seamless washing of a significant amount of items, while guaranteeing the maximum wash performance and quality. A number of optionals, to best fit any Customers’ needs, are available on request.

Fully automatic operations
Electrical or steam heating on any model
Max.a usable belt width 710 mm/height 450 mm
Double-wall insulated body,in AISI 304
Long radius wash-tank and boiler in AISI 316 stainless steel
Insulated double-wall doors, with counterbalanced opening system and safety switch
Stainless steel filters
Easy-clean, stainless steel, wash and rinse arms
Easy-service, stainless steel, wash and rinse arms
Stainless steel adjustable legs
Users’ friendly simplified control panel,with digital tanks thermometers
Malfunction self-diagnosis
Low voltage 24V controls, with emergency stop. An emergency stop is also provided on both ends of the machine.
Splash-prevention curtains at both ends
Anti-contamination curtains
Back-flow prevention valve
Rinse economizer
Wash economizer
DDSS detergent economizer
Low voltage electronic control panel, with easy clean touch sensitive keyboard IPx4, allows to monitor the working temperatures of the machine and its status, thank to the self-diagnostic system, that displays eventual alarm signals for thermal or functional malfunctions, according to the HACCP norms.Software to monitor and memorize all functional data is available on request. In order to limit running costs, all models are equipped with an Auto-timer that switches pumps and all installed optionals on Stand-by, after a preset time gap.
Optional shelf dryer, recommended on smaller models; optional stage dryer recommended for larger capacity machines and in case of installation of turbo-blowers.
Upper air jet, angled on each type of dryer, to optimize the water removal from any surface. The turbo-blowers feed the air nozzles positioned on the sides and in the lower part of the belt.
Optional turbo-blowers, recommended to dry plastic containers and crates for immediate re-use.They allow to achieve the minimum percentage of humidity on the surfaces,thanks to a high pressure of the air vortex.
Optional steam condenser, recommended in case of installation of the machine in low-ventilation rooms
Wash tank strainer filters with easy-fit design.
High capacity self cleaning wash-pumps, vertical.
Fast coupling wash-arms, with concave self cleaning nozzles, equipped with flow adjuster.
AISI 316 radial wash tanks, sloped to help the tanks emptying. The overflow pipe, allows the full draining of the wash tanks without being removed.
AISI 316 stainless steel boilers, fully insulated to reduce thermal losses.
DDSS (Dihr Detergent Saving System). Deviates part of the rinse water to the pre-wash tank, in order to reduce the need of detergent in the wash area.
Optional HACCP monitoring. A dedicated software to manage and strore the data flow, available on request.
Double skin insulated doors, counter-balanced, equipped with anti-fall safety device.
FC91R / FC98 heat recovery.This option allows cold water * supplying the machine, significantly saving energy at the same time. The steam produced by the machine run (other wise lost in the room), is recovered and led through the heat exchanger (air – water). The energy of the steam is recovered to preheat up to 45°C the inlet water with a consequent reduction of the energy needed. Approx 6 kW for the FC91R device and 11 kW for the FC98 *inlet water temperature lower than 25°C.
FC99/1 heat recovery with heat pump. This option allows the cold water* supplying the machine, and thanks to the heat pump, which has a higher warming effect than conventional heat recovery, we can save more energy. The steam produced by the machine run (otherwise lost in the room), is recovered and conveyed through a heat exchanger equipped with heat pump (air–water). In this way the energy of the steam is recovered to preheat up to 45°C the inlet water with a consequent reduction of the energy needed of about 14-16 kW. * inlet water temperature lower than 25° C.


MODELCX 500CX 750CX 1000CX 1250
Width mm4900580067007600
Depth mm950950950950
Height mm1770/2200
Power kw35405777
Useful height mm 450 450 450 450
Speed mt/min3,45-2,205,10-3,256,95-4,458,23-5,27

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