DIHR TX 1500

The TX tray-washer has been designed to minimize energy consumption.
The energy recovery uses the steam produced by the machine by pre-heating the infeed cold water with an immediate energy saving.
The special twin-cords conveyor system, sloped and separated by zone, avoids any contamination among tanks and supports the special cold dryer at high pressure made by turbo blowers and directional air-blades that allows the immediate re-use of the tray.
The high productivity of the TX combined with a customized twin-cords conveyor system, is the perfect solution to carry, wash and deliver trays, all perfectly dried and ready to use without any operator intervention; beside saving on operating costs it also enhance the space.
Low voltage electronic control panel, with easy clean touch sensitive keyboard IPx4, allows to monitor the working temperaturesof the machine and its status, thank to the self-diagnostic system, that displays eventual alarm signals for thermal or functional malfunctions,according to the HACC P norms. A software to monitor and memorize all functional data is available on request. In order to limit running costs,all models are equipped with an Auto-timer that switches pumps, and all installed optionals on Stand-by, after a preset time gap.
FAST CO UPLING WASH-ARM S, with concave self cleaning nozzles, equipped with flow adjuster.
AISI 316 WASH TANKS, with rounded corners to guarantee a perfect hygiene. The overflow pipe, allows the full draining of the wash tanks without removal.
AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL BOILERS, fully insulated to reduce thermal losses.
DOUBLE SKIN INSULATED DOORS, counter-balanced, equipped with anti-fall safety device.
BUILT-IN TURBO BLOWERS feed the air nozzles positioned both above and below the twin-cords, to remove any water residual and let the tray perfectly dried, ready to be used and/or stacked without any further manual drying.
TURBO-BLOWERS. They allow to achieve the minimum percentage of humidity on the surfaces, thanks to a high pressure of the air vortex.
TRAY ACCUMULATOR BY TROLLEY LACK, built-in, grant the piling up of about 8/ 10 trays during the sostitution of the trolley avoiding the machine stop.
ADVANCEMEN T SYSTEM . Special advancement twin-cords, sloped, which eases the removal of any solid residual on the tray allowing its complete rinse.
TWO SPEED TRACTION system with built-in clutch. Variable-speed inverter available on request, to select pitch on individual needs.
NON -RE TURN VALVE, to prevent the backflow of water, avoiding any contamination of the water net in case of external depression
AUTOTIMER : built-in device, that switches the electrical optionals (the twin-cords belt advancement is not stopped) in event of a lack of trays, in order to limit the energy costs.
HACCP: Upon request, a dedicated software is available to store information such as temperatures, alarms and state of the machine, with the possibility to look at this data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
HEAT RECOVERY: this is a built-in device, which allows the machine to be fed with cold water inlet, with a consequent energy save. It recovers the heat produced by the working machine - which would be otherwise lost - and through a heat exchanger it pre-heat the cold water inlet to 45°C (before feeding the boiler for the rinse). It reduces as well the humidity of the area improving as well the environment temperature.

Width mm2575
Depth mm750
Height mm2040
Power kw44
Useful height 35 mm
Speed m/min6-12

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