Hi-tech, granules-operated warewasher. Its washing system is covered by an International dual Patent. Stop wasting time for soaking and scratching, with poor results. Thanks to the combined blasting of water, detergent and granules, the GRANULE allows the perfect wash of a large variety of overlaid trays, pans and containers. The fast and cost-efficient operations guarantee a quick depreciation of the investment, especially when considering labour, water and detergent costs.
Forced ventilation system, to minimise the steam emissions at the end of the wash-cycle.
The soft -touch panel with the multicolor key and the LCD board shows clearly the working temperatures,the washing cycles and the functions in use. Thanks to its self-diagnostic system it notifies any anomaly.
Double-wall body, fully insulated with high performance thermo-acoustic material
The optional service trolley facilitates the loading/unloading of the machine, increasing the operations’ speed and, consequently, the machine’s productivity.
AISI 316 body and impeller, high performance wash-pump, allows a high pressure delivery of the fluid with granules, granting superior performances.
Great capacity in reduced dimensions: the robust lower part of the door becomes a perfect working surface, simplifying the load/unload operations, without unpleasant water dripping on the floor.
The basket is placed on a rotating support stand, to optimise the mechanical action of the granules on the surfaces to wash.
All electric and electronic components are sheltered in a dedicated box, allowing easy access from the machine’s front.
Double, vertical wash-arms, easy-fit, with uncloggable concave shaped nozzles, to magnify the combined flow of water and granules.
AISI 316 s/s wash-tank, with guaranteed constant wall-thickness. The rounded corners in the wash-chamber guarantee maximum hygiene and easy cleaning operations.
Granules collection strainer, with right-level mark for granules. The mix of the granules with the water is made before the entrance in the pump’s body, minimising the mechanical friction between granules and the pump’s components, for longer durabilty.
To achieve the best results from our machines, we recommend to use original DIHR granules, fit for contact with food, and have been developed with long and advanced laboratory tests.

Width mm10951095
Depth mm9101010
Height mm1900/20202305
Power kw1212
Rack mm 730 850
Useful height mm 630830
Racks/hour 1515
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