Heavy-duty washing machine: the power of simplicity

Medium and low spin-speed washers

The medium and low spin speed washers GWM / GWN G4-WIZ® ensure minimum wear and mechanical stress thanks to a lower spin speed (200 G and 100 G) and the presence of a mono-bloc, rigid and crushproof frame. This means a longer life, limited maintenance costs and low noise impact.

Low consumption washing machines
Our heavy-duty washing machines offer a standard precision weighing system. the DWS system weighs the laundry and calculates the exact amount of resources needed (energy, water, detergents). In this way, the machine adapts itself with extreme precision to every minimal variation in the load.

GWM / GWN G4-WIZ® washing machines, besides being a low consumption equipment, are also eco-friendly since they offer a 97% of recyclable rate. So, the device has a low environmental impact during the entire "life cycle": production, packaging, operation and final disposal.

Efficiency rests on frames designed to last
Our professional heavy-duty washer GWM / GWN G4-WIZ® have six different load capacities (3+3) from 8 kg to 28 kg (load ratio 1:10): high performance, ease of use and low environmental impact are always guaranteed. These devices are also equipped with a stainless steel drum with a special hemispheres structure that ensures a gentle touch on the fabrics and prevents the rebound of water during the spin cycle. Due to the strong rigid frame, these machines do not need springs or shock absorbers. This means a reduced wear and less maintenance, as well as low noise levels. Thanks, finally, to the ground anchoring solution, these medium and low spin washers are perfect for ships, ferries and small cargo ships.

Effective cleanliness is simple
In an ergonomic position and equipped with two inlets for the cold and hot water, the dispenser with 4 compartments can be used with both powder and liquid detergents: the correct water flow according to the washing temperature selected is always guaranteed. Since each washing step requires a specific type of water, the machine has three water inlets: hot, cold freshwater and tough. Each types are independently and automatically mixed.

Every models is equipped with a MIXER that combines water and detergent before the contact with the clothes, thus avoiding damage or discoloration. Finally, the motorized discharge valve, diameter from 3"(76 mm), is placed on the front of the equipment, for a quick and easy maintenance, and directly under the tub, avoiding the installation of a long and bulky tube connection: no risk of water and detergent's sedimentation.

Safety is not an optional
Our washing machines have double redundant safety systems and alarm circuits, such as on airplanes, including the lock of the porthole. Its safety system keeps it closed and locked until the complete stop of the drum rotation. Furthermore, every control circuit is low voltage (24VAC): no problem with any sudden changes in voltage (the electric network is different) and no risk of electric shock in case of maintenance. Finally, our machines are equipped with switch and fuses on board with a considerable reduction of time and money needed in the installation phase.

The effective and essential monitoring
The intuitive G4-Wiz® control system allows to easily configure all the washing steps directly from the display. It balances the load in the drum, automatically optimizes the rotation speed and the dosage of detergents and water.

G4-Wiz® allows to schedule the maintenance, manage the payment process and store the operation data. So that ensuring optimal results with minimal mechanical stress, low consumption and reduced stress on the fabrics.

WIDTH mm 970970970
DEPTH mm 106010601210
HEIGHT mm 146014601460
POWER KW 181822
POWER V230/400230/400230/400
CAPACITY Kgr182428
DIAMETER DOOR mm460460460
WEIGHT Kgr 255270290
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