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Small ironing machine

Equipped with a roller of 80 cm length (diameter 18 cm), the S80 is the smallest of our roller ironers. Like the other devices of S line, also this small ironing machine for flat linen is equipped with an extruded and anodized aluminum plate: the extruded surface eliminates the distortions, while the deep anodizing treatment makes the surface hard and impervious to chemical agents.​

Excellent ironing performance
The extruded and anodized aluminum plate of the S80 ironer is extremely smooth and remains unchanged at any temperature without the necessity of additional mechanical systems to maintain the shape. This material, indeed, is able to reach quickly the set temperature and provide excellent thermal performance. The deep anodizing treatment, then, makes the surface hard and inert to chemical agents, eliminating any problem of corrosion (e.g. the damage caused by the chlorine residues on clothing).

Unlike the traditional ironing machines, our heating systems are integrated inside the ironing plate and the heating is generated from the inside. The thermal insulation, then, is made of ceramic fiber in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and minimum heat dispersion into the environment. Finally, the S80 roller, is covered by a triple layer of soft steel wool, a double layer of jute (which prevents any leakage of material), a layer of cotton and an external cover always made in cotton.

Simplicity and versatility
The S80 roller ironer is a front-loader machine, so it can be placed against the wall and requires the presence of only one operator. Available with electric and steam heating, the appliance is equipped with a swivel wooden introduction axis, to facilitate the insertion of linen depending on the user position (sitting or standing) and a finger-safety rod that, in case of faulty handling, inverts the rotation of the roller and raises the plate protecting the operator.

Effective and safe ironing
The deep anodizing treatment of aluminium makes the ironing plate surface resistant and inert to chemical agents, eliminating the problem of corrosion (e.g. damage by chlorine residues). An electromechanical and electronic safety thermostat, however, prevents abnormal overheating.

In addiction, the S80 is equipped with a thermal protection system for the motor reducer, a considerable thickness thermal insulation, to prevent heat dispersion and energy waste, a stop pedal of the roller in order to be able to roll out the linen and an emergency push button.

ST18: simplicity above all
This small ironing machine is equipped with a very simple control system, the ST18. Standard in small ironers (S80-S120/18EM), this control allows the selection of ironing temperature by a push button, which allows the setting of three values: 100° C, 150 C, 200° C.

WIDTH mm 1000
DEPTH mm 360
HEIGHT mm 470
ROLLER SPEED (mt/m2)2,1
NOISE db45
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