Linen tumble dryers that give value to your garments

State-of-the-art tumble drying

Our state-of-the-art EB dryers have been developed to allow the perfect tumble drying, which preserves intact the natural properties and softness of fabrics. These automatic dryers are characterized by advanced technology, robustness and simplicity. They are available with different heating sources: steam, gas or electric.

High-efficiency dryers
Avoiding the waste of heat into the surrounding environment, the drum is enclosed within a strongly isolated tank which is also enclosed by the outer frame. Furthermore, the air flow was optimized avoiding unnecessary paths inside the equipment, which would reduce the thermal efficiency.

We are aware that the thermal insulation is not enough to obtain great heating performance, indeed, even the drum rotation speed has its importance that's why we've chosen to install the engine directly onto the drum and use the speed control by inverter.

Effective and reliable drying equipment
The drum rotation speed is managed by a gear-motor that uses the inverter technology to adjust the speed, to have soft starts and slowdowns and to preserve the fabrics as well as the mechanical parts. Furthermore, the elimination of belts and pulleys reduces the maintenance costs. A unique and automatic system helping to maintain the efficient of the drying equipment, it controls the state of filters detecting the percentage of obstruction. The use of a conventional moisture sensor or a differential type, finally, allows to make a truly automatic drying without waste of time or energy and without damage the fabric with a useless overheating! The drying program, indeed, ends when the laundry is ready!

Reliable and safe equipment
The tumble dryers are equipped with "Automatic Maintenance Call" and "Electronic overload detector". The first is a system that allows the automatic request of maintenance according to a programmable number of cycles this means that the maintenance is linked to the real use of the equipment. The second, however, is a safety system that prevents the operation in case of overloading.

Finally, the optional fire system helps to prevent the damage caused by the drying of not suitable clothes, because treated with flammable products or made with thermal sensitive fabrics. It has a sensor that monitors the quality of the air at the exhaust valve and detects the presence of any type of combustion and, in case, allows the spraying of water by inside the drum.

Ergonomic drying machines
EB tumble dryers are efficient and ergonomic equipment: they are designed in order to save space. Our devices, indeed, are only 79 cm wide! But there's more. They are also equipped with a large porthole to simplify and facilitate the loading and unloading of laundry. In addition, they are ergonomic also from the acoustic point of view (only 64 dB): a minimum noise is ensured!

The automatic drying depends on control
EB tumble dryers are equipped with the electronic control G400DRY that is able to maximize the efficiency of your laundry: automatically manages temperatures, speed of drum rotation (according to the cycle phase), soft starts and slowdowns, anti-creases and residual moisture functions.

G400DRY controls the engine of the drum with the ITM system, manages 35 drying cycles that are freely settable by the operator (10 are already programmed), stores and shows alarms, manages the automatic maintenance request and allows any payment systems (simple or electronic).

WIDTH mm7957951140
DEPTH mm 7509701390
HEIGHT mm 129012901835
ELECTRIC POWER KW 10.1 12.539,5
GAS POWER KW161622-45 double stage
CAPACITY Kgr101541
DIAMETER DOOR mm612 612612
DRUM SPEED (RPM)20/8020/8020/60
WEIGHT Kgr111 134355
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