High performances industrial dryers

Eco-friendly, silent and ergonomic industrial dryers

Electric, steam and gas tumble dryers

GDZ G-Wiz® industrial dryers can work with three types of heating: gas, electric or steam. These gas drying machines have burners made of titanium that can withstand high temperatures. The electric models use tubular resistances made of anti-clogging INCOLOY® steel. Finally, the steam dryers are equipped with heating coils protected by steel filters able to block the dust.

Silent and eco-friendly dryers
These industrial drying machines guarantee a recyclability of 92%. The machine is made almost completely of recyclable material (e.g. Skinplate) and, therefore, has low environmental impact. Furthermore, due to the drying diagram, the dryers adapt themselves to the variations of the laundry's weight: the device requires about 1 kW per kg of laundry, with a very low environmental impact.

The gas tumble dryers have a two stages heating system able to reduce the consumption: it’s activated wholly or partially, according to the actual need. The maximum power is reached only when it’s really necessary. This guarantees a lower environmental impact. Finally, has been reduced the space between tub and drum, the back of the drum is made in printed material and the drum is isolated in an ceramic fiber tank, all that to reduce the heat dispersions and optimized the drying performances.

High performing industrial dryers
INCOLOY® steel heating systems prevent the deposit of fluff, titanium burners that withstand high temperatures and an effective extractor system guarantee a high and constant efficiency. The dryers GDZ G-Wiz®, also, have a strongly isolated ceramic tank to minimise the heat dispersions: the hot air follows a linear way passing through the laundry, without unnecessary paths, to have an optimal thermal efficiency. Finally, these dryers have powerful extractor fan, placed inside an innovative spiral, able to ensure a fast, smooth and quiet air outflow.

Safety from every point of view!
In addition to the sensor of drum rotation that stops the heating when the drum doesn't turn, the appliances have double and redundant alarm circuits, such as on airplanes.

The safety is increased by different anti-overheating solutions, particularly useful in the gas tumble dryers. Everything is certified according to the strictest international standards.

Many ways to be an ergonomic dryer
GDZ G-Wiz® dryers are produced with 4 different capacities. The load capacity is 1:1 with GWH washing machines so the entire load of the washing machine can be moved inside the dryer. The door opens up to 180° and is ergonomically positioned so that the trolley can be placed directly in front of the equipment. This makes faster and easier the loading/unloading of the laundry. Drum and air conducts, then, are thermally insulated to reduce the heat dispersion while the tempered glass porthole, external panels and the drain valve are always cold: this means a safer and more comfortable working environment. These dryers, finally, are also silent, they provide, indeed, only 54dB!

Perfect drying depend on control
G-Wiz® control system has a simple and intuitive graphic interface that adapts itself to the language and the experience level of the users and makes our industrial dryers really user-friendly. The system allows to easily configure the entire drying phases directly from the display.

G-Wiz® automatically balances temperatures, rotation speed of the drum, anti-crease function and residual moisture. The drum, then, thanks to a special deep-drawn hole, ensures an optimum air passage avoiding the deterioration caused by the fabrics' rubbing.

WIDTH mm795795970970
DEPTH mm 92010859901205
HEIGHT mm 1590159018101810
ELECTRIC POWER KW 10,5/15 10,5/15 21/30 double stage 21/30 double stage
GAS POWER KW13-18 double stage 13-18 double stage 16-24 double stage 16-24 double stage
CAPACITY Kgr11141824
DIAMETER DOOR mm612 612 612 612
WEIGHT Kgr205 205 276 296
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