GAS counter top Churrasco machine NORTH GK7


PROFESSIONAL GAS counter top Churrasco machines NORTH GK7

Churrasco Grill GK-7 is a quite small size 
so make it easy to use and placing it 
in your workplace. 

Lower consumption and fast cooking time 
thanks to the Infrared Gas Burner. 

Water drawer is inside the machine to collect the grease of the food and make 
cleaning easy. 

It has 7 skewers with handle and is easy to use it. 
All 7 skewers are turning together with a special way. 

Machine is equipped with safety gas tap - thermocouple and can be function at Natural & LPG gas type

Skew Dimension 57cm 
Distance Skew to Skew 65cm 

WIDTH mm860
DEPTH mm650
HIGHT mm825
POWER W13200

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