Dry aging cabinet KLIMA MEAT.
Dry aging is a commonly known procedure already performed by technologies which have been available on the market for many years, but KLIMA is the ONLY one which, thanks to its technology, can grant an higher performance excellence. Our ambition was to create an high performing cabinet, with cutting-edge technology but easy to use at the same time.
KLIMA MEAT combines technology and simplicity making the dry aging process easy to execute for everybody: restaurants, steak houses, butcheries, small farms, and all those businesses that from now on will be able to entirely manage and control this process, crucial for the organoleptic quality of the meat. With its clear and modern design, the patented KLIMA MEAT cabinet is the result of the perfect mix of modern technology and old dry aging methods, and is able to recreate the perfect conditions for an high quality meat aging process enhancing meat taste and tenderness.
Each function is shown on the touch screen display with intuitive icons which make it easy to control and change all the phases and parameters.
The electronic control system allows the user to set temperature and humidity precisely to the desired degree and to perfectly manage the internal air circulation. All this, combined with the patented sanitization and oxygenation system. «OxigenKLIMA»*, makes it possible to create the ideal climate for any kind of meat.

Oxygenate meat and sanitize the chamber with OxigenKLIMA

The patented system OxygenKLIMA delivers a measured and planned oxygenation of the meat which kills micro-organisms and molds.
Only the KLIMA cabinets have this kind of settable sanitization and deodorization
system which can be activated at the end of each process for a complete hygiene of the chamber.
Reduces of more than 50%, the dry aging process durations
Monitors the natural color change of the meat under treatment
Reduces bacteria and molds
Sanitize the chamber and all the technical components to avoid dangerous contamination
Reduces bad smells, which generate during the dry aging process. You will not need to wash food to eliminate smells.
OxigenKLIMA®, does not use any chemical product but only the oxygen sanitizing
power which is spread inside the chamber in planned and measured doses according to the selected functions.

Reduce weight losses with the Humidity Control System

One of the main limits of both traditional dry aging methods and present technologies in the sector is that the meat ends up losing weight, even up to 10%. This means a loss in the actual value of the product.
The exclusive and patented humidity generator and the specific cabinet internal structure create an even distribution of the humidity in each point of the aging
chamber. Moreover, thanks to the cutting edge control unit it is possible adjust the flow.
The result is an optimal aging result with a very low weight loss percentage (around 3-4%), a reduction in productive times and cost, even for long duration dry aging process.

The reproduction of the perfect climate inside the chamber and the maximum control over it, will prevent weight losses and will allow you to keep the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms under control.
KLIMA MEAT guarantees the best dry aging process for any type of meat and cut. This is obtained through an electronic probe for humidity control, which can be set
on a variable range going from 10% to 99% to suit the requirements of any kind of meat.
Thanks to the great flexibility of KLIMA MEAT you can choose the best type of maturation process for your meat:
- SLOW, for a long dry aging process
- FAST, a quicker process which cuts traditional dry aging times In both cases KLIMA MEAT executes a dry age process.

WIDTH mm740
DEPTH mm850
HEIGHT mm2115
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