Continuous fryers NILMA FRYMATIC


Continuous fryers NILMA FRYMATIC


Frying large quantities of food has always been a major headache. Apart from the difficulties in frying itself, it implies wasted product, very high oil consumption and also wasted time.
The Frymatic continuous fryer is the most rational solution to these problems, because it enables perfect frying with major benefits: schnitzels, potatoes, fish, aubergines, chicken, meatballs, falafel, tourtons, nems, accras and pastries, as well as every other product needing golden, crispy frying.
Thanks to the right rated power for its oil capacity, and the temperature control and setting devices, Frymatic produces top quality fried foods with minimal oil consumption.
Other Frymatic benefits include:
• Large outputs in small spaces
• Minimal labour requirements
• Production in line with other process phases
• Long frying oil lifetime
• High quality, easily digested product
• Very easy appliance cleaning
• Automatic oil filtering
As well as the other features typical of all Nilma appliances: construction in AISI 304 stainless steel throughout, full automation, absolute reliability and safe operation.
Frymatic is produced in various models, in gas and electric versions, with outputs from 50 to 250 kg/h. The standard control panel is electromechanical but on request it can be fitted with a touch screen PLC able to execute recipes and save frying processes and HACCP parameters.
Furthermore, Frymatic can be constructed to suit the specific product characteristics and production capacity required.

POWER KW25354973121145
FRYER CAPACITY lt100100230230430430
HOUR PRODUCTION Kgr406080120200240

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