Water-bath chiller for bags NILMA FASTERCOLD


Water-bath chiller for bags NILMA FASTERCOLD

Water-bath chiller for bags

In the institutional catering sector, cooking centres and ready meal factories, it is becoming more and more necessary to plan production cycles separately from the distribution of the food. This involves the use of a quick, hygienically safe production and chilling system. The new 'NILMA Cook & Chill System allows freshly cooked sauces, ragouts, soups, stews and béchamel sauces to be packed in bags and then quickly chilled in the new FASTERCOLD water-bath chillers. These chillers are able to reduce the temperature of the bags containing the product evenly and with chilling times more than 50% shorter than with conventional blast chillers. This technology allows compliance with the HACCP procedures and guarantees a product shelf life of more than 20 days. On reactivation, the foods will seem to be as freshly cooked. The new FASTERCOLD water-bath chillers are the most modern way of rationalising production in the kitchen. Reducing times and costs, while improving quality and extending product shelf life.

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