Strict lines and high output: Domitor is a true static-electric-baking classic offering excellent professional performance. Its firebrick surface guarantees good heat retention and allows the option of traditional baking on the refractory surface or on sheets.

Excellent value for money for such a high-performance oven.

Good quality
You will enjoy excellent baking performance thanks to the perfect combination of build quality and user friendliness (aluminised sheet steel chamber and direct exhaust vent).

The largest model allows you to bake 2 pizza sheets (60 × 40 cm) simultaneously or 9 pizzas of 30 cm diameter.

Good modularity
It is available in various sizes and with various options as modular single deck (4 models) or integrated twin deck (2 models).

Control over power and consumption
Available with intuitive, user-friendly, electromechanical control panel or digital controls.

Electromechanical controls
The control panel sets the temperature with separate thermostats for roof and bedplate. The temperature is displayed by an analogue temperature. Also includes on/off switch and indicator lights.

Digital controls
The control panel allows separate setting of roof and bedplate heating elements in 20 positions (tuning 5%). There are digital controls to set temperature (accuracy 1 °C) and an LED display. Also includes on/off switch and interior light.

-Full modularity and superimposition with separated electric connections.
-Differentiated power adjustment of the upper/lower heating elements.
-Stainless steel front part and door.
-Stainless steel ergonomic handle.
-Baking chamber in aluminated plate.
-Door glass made of pyroceram.
-Insulation made of eco-compatible fibroceramic and needle rock wool.
-Baking surface made of refractory stone (14 mm).
-Max baking temperature 400 °C.
-Safety thermostat with manual resetting.
-Internal lightning with halogen lamp.
-Direct smoke outlet.
-External hood, neutral or equipped with motor and remote speed control (optional).

MODEL 430/1 630L/1 930/1
CAPACITY PIZZAs 4x30cm 6x30cm 9x30cm
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 88,2 x 82,7 x 34,3 (+4,7)Y 119,6 x 82,7 x 34,3 (+4,7)Y 119,6 x 112,7 x 34,3 (+4,7)
BAKING CHAMBER 63 x 63 x 11,5Y 94 x 63 x 11,5 94 x 94 x 11,5
CURRENT V 400/230 3N 50 400/230 3N 50 400/230 3N 50
MAX POWER 4,4 7,8 12
MAX TEMPERATURE oC 400 400 400
WEIGHT Kgr 83 106 180
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