Flexibility in the process. A true master of baking. More than 40 years of expertise.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked rolls. Or do you prefer croissants, pretzels, bread? No matter your choice of serving fresh goods, with the Backmaster Edition of the GENIUS MT it is made easy and done reliably.

Whether in a hotel, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, canteen or multiple-outlet operation – the baking result is
consistently of high quality and process reliability is guaranteed.

Electric door opening: Ensuring a stop of the baking process once the baking programme has finished.
Adapted graphical user interface with baking mode: Customizable for every application and operator.
Integrated baking, snack and breakfast programmes: The entire daily offer is covered and thus provides complete flexibility in the process.
Hanging rack accommodating both gastro norm and baking norm trays: Continue using existing equipment.

Backmaster Edition Control

Perfected operation.

7“ MultiTouch Display (capacitive)
Climatic Monitor for setting the baking climate manually to exactly the right degree and millilitre: temperature, steam volume, resting and baking times, various fan speeds and 300 baking programmes with a favourites function
Multiple steaming steps can be combined
5 cleaning programmes for all types of contamination
HACCP display showing all data at a glance, data can be archived via PC and LAN interfaces
Pro-Connect software for creation and management of baking programmes and HACCP data management
Various fan speeds
Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine
Automatic heating and cooling, with fast cool down feature
Automatic pause time recommendation
Manual, precise steaming and additional baking function

Eloma live steam system

Live steam generation directly into the cooking chamber links the boiler and direct injector: the steaming water is heated by means of patented heat recovery – this saves energy and the live steam is available in seconds without preheating. Only a very tiny amount of energy is required for evaporation in the cooking chamber in order to generate the desired baking climate.

This has a number of benefits:

Millilitre-precise steam volume at high temperatures, available in seconds
Optimum steaming thanks to micronisation of the steam. Injection on a rotary atomiser guarantees the fastest possible vapour saturation throughout the entire baking chamber.
Optimum volume formation and a seductive sheen on your pastry products thanks to saturated steaming

Combi baking

Make a range of pastry products all at the same time with Eloma combi baking – quickly, flexibly and all at once.

Summary of all products on the screen which can be baked together in the same climate
Each tray can be programmed individually when fitted with different equipment
Constant overview of the remaining baking time for all pastry products and trays
Visual and acoustic alerts as soon the pastry products on one tray are ready
Rolling production in the bakery, guaranteeing fresh products all day long

Eloma autoclean® – the fully automatic cleaning system (optional)

The ultimate in hygiene and safety – our unique, patented, fully automatic self-cleaning system.

Your Backmaster Edition of the GENIUS MT takes care of everything – you only need to press a button.

Liquid cleaning system coordinated with Eloma products and ready for use, for optimum cleaning results and the best possible surface protection
Proven, unsurpassed cleaning results: requiring a minimal amount of time, power and water
Extremely low cleaning costs thanks to precise metering of the liquid cleaner
Maximum safety and perfect health protection, with no direct contact with cleaning chemicals
The programme can be started at any time without manual cooling or opening the door
Perfect cleaning results thanks to a rotary jet
No more refilling or fiddly handling of cartridges or tabs
Top hygiene standards for products and processes

The award-winning multi-eco system

Award-winning Eloma technology: good for the environment and for your wallet.

A high-performance heat exchanger can save you up to 16% energy and up to 42% water
Preheating the steaming water to up to 70°C using exhaust heat
No additional costs for maintenance work
We are currently the only manufacturer of combi steamers whose multi-eco system has won the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovation Prize in the ecology and energy efficiency categories

Original Eloma live steam system
Preheating and rapid cooling (Active Temp) with utilisation of residual heat
Manual steaming
Temperature range 30°C – 300°C
Fan wheel – auto reverse for superbly even results
Clima-Aktiv® humidification and de-humidification with unique supply air system
Climatic®: Temperature and humidity measurement/control
Multilingual user interface
MultiTouch Display
Exhaust air damper which can be controlled individually
Climatic® monitor
Connector for energy optimisation

WIDTH mm 925
DEPTH mm 805
HIGHT mm 1120
WEIGHT Kgr 156
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