PEVA’s professional charcoal grills is the best product offered on the market.
The free standing structure is of high quality raw materials used in its production,
giving long-lasting guarantees and stability. The great care in detail, the
adopted solutions, the wide range of products, all these characteristics make
PEVA the only solution for the needs of a professional user.

The installation is quick and easy. Once the flue and the extractor fan have
been fitted, the only things left to do are: to lay out all the parts of the unit
to build up the structure, to connect the flue with the plenum between the
different hoods (if expected) and bring electrical input to light the lamps inside
the grill. That is all. The grill is now ready to be used.

To get a Peva grill work it’s very simple, you need only charcoal and firelighter.
The light of the fire is facilitated by the air intakes, which are located underneath,
which helps to oxygenate the charcoal, together with the new double suction
system. In fact, thanks to the realization of the valves located on the hood you
can modify or exclude the lower or upper suction, avoiding sudden return of
flames and ensuring always a burning charcoal.

Ordinary maintenance does not require a big effort thanks to some of the
devices on these grills. The cleaning and the emptying of ashes are easy
because the unit can be disassembled without problem. We also recommend
to do a periodic cleaning of fats in the plenum and flue.

The grate belonging to the grill which are ideal for cooking are made using steel sticks of 4 mm of Ø. The small distance between the sticks allows to even more exposure of the food to the heat and so gaining a better result and also allowing it to be cleaned easily. These types of grates can be adjusted vertically (revolved)
and are interchangeable on the same charcoal tray.
Each charcoal tray is composed of a perforated plate made out of a thermal steel, which is engineered to hold the embers and keep the heat with the minimum use of charcoal. The ashes fall down through the holes of the plate which is removable and andtherefore easy to clean.
The plate is held by a frame with baffles designed to transport the ashes on the underlying tray. The frame is removable allowing it to be easily cleaned and its access to the underside. By means of levers you can adjust the height.
This picture shows the inner lifting mechanism of the grates and the drawers which are designed to collect the ashes.
The drawers are easily removable and above are adjustable openings which allows a proper oxygenation of charcoal or to stop the flames that may light during the cooking process.
The lifting and lowering of the cooking platform is obtained through the movements of the levers located under the front worktop. They are adjustable in 5 different positions allowing the correct cooking of the food.

WIDTH mm 1600
DEPTH mm 740
HIGHT mm 2030
GRILL DIMENSION cm 3 X 51X42 OR 2 Χ 51Χ42 + charcoal brazier of 47 cm

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