Hand Wash with knife Sterilizer NILMA KLINER


Hand Wash with knife Sterilizer NILMA KLINER

Hand Wash with knife Sterilizer


In the kitchen, the need for tidiness, functionality, hygiene and compliance with regulations, have prompted Nilma to find a simple, functional and safe solution to these requirements. KLINER is a modern unit consisting of a convenient hand washing sink that can be combined with an electric knife sterilizer. Thank to its compact size KLINER can be easily fitted in any kitchen, so that workers can wash their hands without leaving the room; it can be installed on adjustable feet or wall-mounted. The hot and cold water tap is knee-operated. When pressure is removed from the control, the flow of water stops immediately. This reduces the consumption and prevents the contamination that may be caused by hand-operated taps. The sterilizer can be mounted on either side of the sink, as needed, so that workers may quickly find the knives sterilized and ready to be used. Everything is within reach, including liquid soap dispenser and towel dispenser, fitted on the large back surface. Once again Nilma has thought of everything and with KNINER, hand washing and knife sterilizing are now more practical and function, in full conformity with legal sanitary requirements.


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