Winefit offers many advantages, starting from the reduced overall dimensions. Its design all-in-one was planned to get the maximum compactness eliminating any kind of external installation for the employed gas. In order to perfectly preserve the wine, Winefit introduces the use of Argon gas. The device is equipped with a small replaceable argon gas cylinder which allows to serve by the glass up to 50 bottles of wine. Winefit is very versatile since with only one device you can manage an unlimited number of bottles. It’s great value for price and it’s the only professional system with these features. Winefit is also protected by international patents.

You uncork the bottle and install our patented special distributing cap. Then you only have to insert the bottle into the device and press a button. The machine will automatically pour out the pre-determined quantity into the glass and the argon will replace the same contents into the bottle. The device is now ready to hold other bottles equipped with the Winefit special cap.
The Winefit allows you to uncork and store as many bottles as you wish, maintaining the quality.

The argon gas inserted into the bottle allows for the wine to maintain all of its characteristics intact for 3 weeks. Every time you will serve a glass of wine it will have the quality of a bottle just opened

This range perfectly combines beauty and innovation, the new HIGH pREcISION
technology guarantees the maximum accuracy for every dose.
Display: the handy display allow you to choose between different quantities: tasting quantity, full glass quantity and free delivery quantity.
Special cap: with the revolutionary cap and only one device you can open an unlimited number of bottles between 0.375lt and 1,5lt. Thanks to this exclusive technology Winefit creates a revolution in the service of quality wine by the glass granting the best result with the minimal amount of space. Winefit continues to work everyday to have a better product and to make it more competitive.
HP Technology: thanks to the new Hp TEcHNOlOGy you will have always the maximum accuracy on the delivered dose.

Reduced costs: the moderate price guarantees a fast return on the investment.

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