A single machine for maturation, drying and affinage
KLIMA HYDRID SYSTEM has been designed for them; for those who are not only farmers or cheesemakers but both things and more; for those who produce cured meat, sausages and salami and cheese; for those who produce fruit and vegetables during the summer and need to preserve what cannot be consumed quickly and want to make a business opportunity out of it.
We have a single machine for making all of the above.

- Patented internal ventilation system Horizontal and vertical air flows, both constant and alternated, which touch evenly all the products placed in the chamber and
create the perfect microclimate for each type of production.
- Oxigenklima
System for oxygenating the products, sanitize and deodorize the chamber
(optional on demand)
- Bars and frames with triangle jags To facilitate the loading and unloading of the products

Salami and cured meat
Climatic and seasonal changes on the one side and hygienic norms on the other are
considerably limiting artisanal productions, the only ones able to give added value to
the food sector of any country.
More and more often small producers are forced to abandon artisanal production and
to resort to preparations or substitutes.
The KLIMA HYBRID SYSTEM cabinets solve all these problems allowing you to produce high quality cured meat during any moment of the year in compliance with
food safety and hygienic norms.
Maturation of any kind of sausage with an uniform high quality result in all products independently from their position inside the chamber.
Homogeneous mildew maturation which is periodically oxygenated during both maturation and affinage stages.
Possibility to execute slow maturation processes or quick acidification ones.
Flexibility in the production: you can place simultaneously different types of sausage into the chamber and treat them together for different durations.
Automatic internal air circulation and settable saturated air expulsion, which needs to be expelled no to compromise final results.

The maturation process strengthens the cheese structure, enhances tastes and
distinct aromas. These procedures work thanks to a complex combination of
climatic conditions, water, air, temperature and time, which would traditionally occur in natural or artificial caves or rooms, with constant temperatures around 10 to 15°C and high humidity levels.
KLIMA cabinets not only recreate the necessary climatic conditions for a perfect maturation process, but they also let you adjust these conditions in order to give products original scents and flavors.

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish.
Among all preservation methods, drying, which is based on the elimination of the water contained in food, is definitely the most natural, healthy, cheap and environmentally sustainable.
KLIMA HYBRID SYSTEM allows you to dry fruit, vegetables, mushrooms,
aromatic herbs, meat, fish and flowers to create ready to use food stocks with
unaltered organoleptic qualities.
Thanks to KLIMA HYBRID SYSTEM drying processes can be executed easily,
quickly and under any external climatic condition.
If the drying process is carried out at a temperature lower than 40°C food will
preserve all its qualities such as enzymes and vitamins. Also, due to natural aromas and sugar concentration, it will be very sweet and as flavored as fresh products.
KLIMA has a high loading capacity and is able to work evenly on all loading
levels. The special horizontal ventilation acts uniformly on all levels and
guarantees high quality results and unaltered organoleptic characteristics.
Moreover, the use of OxigenKLIMA® creates a barrier against mildew and
contaminating elements.

Oxygenate and sanitize the chamber with OxigenKLIMA®
The KLIMA HYBRID cabinets are the only ones with an optional (on demand) sanitizing and deodorizing oxygenation system, which can be activated during processes to manage mildew proliferation or at the end of them to sanitize the chamber.
- Oxygenate your products during processes
- Reduce unwanted bacteria and mildew
- Sanitize the chamber, to avoid dangerous food contamination
- Reduce unpleasant smell, which develops during the maturation of the product
OxigenKLIMA®, does not use any chemical product, it only exploits the oxygen's sanitizing power, which is spread inside the chamber, in controlled and scheduled doses according to the chosen function.

Perfect ventilation highest quality
KLIMA is equipped with a patented air ventilation system with adjustable flow dimension, which is channeled both horizontally and vertically. This way the cabinet creates an ideal microclimate which envelops evenly all the products placed in the chamber.
Food products are not directly hit by the air flow and air balancing allows to maintain temperature and humidity always constant and homogeneous all through the chamber. All this contributes to create the perfect microclimate for each kind of process for achieving exceptional results on quality and efficiency levels.
During maturation and drying processes it is not necessary to periodically change the products position inside the chamber.


WIDTH mm9201500
DEPTH mm725850
HEIGHT mm21152115
POWER KW2,102,90
TEMPERATURE oC-2 / +35-2 / +35
CAPACITY lt8001500
WEIGHT Kgr160230
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